The Pilots

Chris Delworth

Chris Delworth - Tandem Paragliding Pilot flies with a passenger in RevelstokeChris is one of the founding members of Revelstoke Paragliding. He is a rated paragliding instructor and tandem pilot under the standards set by the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada (H.P.A.C).

Chris has lived in Revelstoke for more than a decade, moving from the Rockies to take advantage of the incredible backcountry skiing that the area has to offer.

In the winter Chris works as a Ski Guide. He is a certified  A.C.M.G  (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides)  Ski Guide. He also works as a certified rigger, a high angle rock scaler, a tree planter and a faller.

Soon after discovering paragliding in 2007 Chris quickly developed a great interest and enthusiasm for the sport. He has since played an integral role in the development of the Revelstoke flying program and the local free flying community.

His passion for free flight led him to help form Revelstoke Paragliding in order to share the excitement of mountain flying with others and to offer introductory flights and instruction to people wishing to pursue the sport.


 Brad MurphyDSCN0966


Brad has been flying Paragliders since 1993. He is a certified H.P.A.C (Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada) and U.S.H.P.A (United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) Instructor and Tandem Pilot. Brad moved to Revelstoke in 2011 and quickly became a indispensible part of Revelstoke Paragliding. When Brad is not flying in one form or another or shredding powder on his skis he works as the Executive Chef at the 112 Regent Hotel Restaurant in Revelstoke and is the head Chef for CMH Revelstoke (Canadian Mountain Holiday’s Heli Skiing) in the winter. Over the course of the past two decades Brad has run world class Restaurants and cooked for dignitaries such as Nelson Mandella and Bill Clinton. In addition to his certified expertise, Brad has a diverse background and an engaging personality with a contagious enthusiasm for flying. Brad has spent consecutive seasons working exclusively as a professional tandem pilot in Nepal, logging over 800 tandem flights per year in the Himalaya! He has also flown tandems from Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, Whistler/Blackcomb and Pemberton. While flying for over 20 Years makes Brad an old hand at free flying he is still very young at heart. He is passionate about flying and “airtime”, whether it be paragliding, speed flying, sky diving or base jumping and he enjoys sharing that passion with others. Brad is committed to providing guests with a remarkable experience whether it be a mind blowing flight to cloudbase, a hairball acro flight or a mellow cruiser. Above all else Brad is eager to share his excitement and show you a great time!


Dave UnderwoodHappy Dave

Dave originally hails from the prairies and remembers when he was a boy watching a commercial on TV showing a hang glider floating around effortlessly in the mountains.  A passion for flying was born at that early age and just after finishing his mechanical engineering degree at the University of Waterloo he started hang gliding lessons in the Toronto area.  He moved out west before graduating from the training hill and then had his first view of paragliders along a small cliff in the city of Victoria.  The simplicity of paragliding struck a chord with him and he signed up for a beginner course with Claudio Mota’s Fly Victoria School in 2002.  For the next 8 years he was a weekend warrior, getting out to fly when he wasn’t working in the Information Technology field.  In 2010 he decided that he no longer wanted to spend the majority of his time sitting behind a desk so he quit his job to travel around the world with his paraglider.  He ended up in India for a few years where he did hundreds of tandem flights for both international and Indian tourists alike.  Now back in Canada he is excited to continue his pursuit of sharing the sky with excited passengers and teaching budding new pilots.  C’mon, let’s go fly!


Scott Watwood

Scott Watwood and passenger ready to launch and paraglider.Scott is the owner/operator of  Altitude Adventures and Canadian Rockies Heli-Paragliding in Golden BC. He regularly flies tandem flights with Revelstoke Paragliding as well. He originally moved to Golden to work as a Helicopter Engineer for Canadian Helicopters which is based at the municipal airport in Golden. Scott has over 100 hours actually flying the helicopters he was also servicing.

With a great interest and enthusiasm for getting airborne, Scott is a rated paragliding instructor and a rated paragliding tandem pilot under the standards set by the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada.

Scott knows the mountains intimately and has visited many remote peaks by helicopter or by paraglider. His love of paragliding in the beautiful high Rockies of Canada inspired him to develop Heli-paragliding, including Tandem piloting, as a means to share the excitement of mountain flying with others.

With over 10 years of paragliding/tandem experience in the mountains around Golden and Revelstoke, Scott is ready to help you discover the unforgettable joys of flight over big mountains

Alan Polster

AlanPolster - Tandem Paragliding PilotAlan Polster: Alan started flying paragliders in 1995 and did his first tandem in 2002.  Since then he has shared his love of flying with clients ranging in age from 7 to 70.  When Revelstoke Mountain Resort was looking for a paragliding business to complement the activities offered at the resort, Alan helped form Revelstoke Paragliding along with Chris Delworth and Scott Watwood.

After 35 years working with Parks Canada, 29 years as a Park Warden, Alan retired in June, 2012.  Now he gets to fly, hang out with his family and enjoy life everyday without going to work! Alan’s passion is XC flying. This takes him to Brasil almost every winter to enjoy long cross country flights in warm weather.