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Revelstoke Paragliding – Tandem Flights.

Summer Tandem Paragliding Flight - Revelstoke, BCLaunching from spectacular Mount Mackenzie at Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR), adjacent to the city of Revelstoke, British Columbia in Canada.

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Flights Scheduled Year-Round.

(250) 837-7929

Regular Flight $220 + GST (5%) Tax

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 Let’s go flying!!!!

There are a number of things to keep in mind:

  1. You are doing this because you want to!!!  If you are not sure, you can always say, “I am not ready!” …. and we won’t fly.
  2. Paragliding is risky! While we will make it as safe as possible, there is always a small chance that you could get hurt or injured.  You will be asked to sign a waiver, just so it is clear that you understand the risks. Revelstoke Paragliding Release of Liability – 2019
  3. Paragliding is a very weather dependent sport.  If the conditions are not good, we do not fly!  The decision is yours if you want to fly, but ultimately, the decision is the pilots if we will fly.  We may be able to reschedule your flight for a better time if the conditions are not suitable.
  4. You should be able to run 10 meters (30 feet) on launch and landing.  You and the pilot are the wheels on this aircraft, if you can’t run, it can’t fly! Ski and snowboard launches are the standard for winter tandems and require no prior experience.
  5. We will be up high and it will likely be cold! Bring an insulated jacket and long pants. Please wear sturdy light hikers or running shoes, with ankle support if possible. If you have a ski helmet, bike helmet or climbing helmet of your own, bring it, otherwise we have several different suitable helmets of various sizes to choose from. Light gloves are recommended as well. Please bring a camera, but ensure that you have some form of lanyard so that you are able to tie it to yourself.
  6. Have fun!!!!!!!!

* flights are dependent on suitable weather and wind conditions.

Where to meet?  Our usual meeting place is the landing zone on Airport Way, near the airport and ski area in Revelstoke.  See map below.

For winter operations please meet at the R.M.R Guest Services at the base of the Gondola.

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